Sunday, October 17, 2010


...except if you've never ridden a bike before. Christopher took his first lap today on his bike that Aunt Bethie and Uncle Joe got him. We've tried to get him to ride it before now but he either wasn't big enough or didn't care to.

Today was success. Well, success in the sense that he kept his feet on the pedals and hands on the bars while Brian or I pushed him around. Our driveway isn't very long so we headed over to the empty lot next door where we had lots of room to maneuver. Christopher had a blast. It was one of those moments when you realize your child is growing right before your eyes.

He was once an infant that wiggled and squealed. Then he was a toddler that needed help with everything. Now he's become a child that asserts his own independence by wanting to zip his jacket himself, take off his own shoes and tell you he doesn't want help when trying to make a bike move.

Lets get things rolling...

Interesting contraption you have here folks.

Uh, yeah, I think I got this.

Forward Ho!

Easy Rider.

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