Friday, October 1, 2010


I've been on the whole nesting thing lately. This week's project was my closets. Each day I've picked a different closet to clean out. Wowzers. I had no idea how refreshing it would be. Our closets are the death zones in our house. I call them this for two reasons. 1) If it goes in a closet you may never find it again and it is therefore considered dead. 2) You may actually die from a falling object when you open a closet door.

Okay, so maybe it's not that bad, but really - people are not allowed near my closets when they come over. "Oh Sarah, you have such a lovely home." Thank you, but if you go near my closet I will be forced to tackle you to the floor.

That being said, I guess I'm doing this whole nesting thing and I've decided to take on the worst. It all started when I saw inspiration from this picture:

Yup, that's a changing table in a closet. And I'm soooo doing it. Probably not in the orange, but you get the idea.

See, the thing is, my office - which I work from home in - is going to become Carter's room. It's honestly not that big. It's marked as a bedroom because it has a window, a door, and a closet. But really people, it's 8x8 feet. You could barely fit a twin bed in there. And well a crib, dresser/changing table, and rocking chair aren't going to all fit very well either. Here's the office:

Yes, that's Robert Pattinson on my wall. And no, Brian does not approve. Also, if you look closely you can see the three-ring-binders I keep the blog posts in. Do you see my point though? It's small.  Don't get me wrong. It's a nice, big office. But bedroom? Not so much. So that's where the changing table in a closet idea comes in handy. And I guess I figured if I was going to be cleaning out one closet I might as well do all of them.

Here's success in Christopher's room:

And here's the two years worth of old baby items and things he doesn't use any more that I pulled out of his closet:

See? I'm a pack rat. But only in my closets. I worked on the linen closet and my bedroom closet today. I was astonished at all the items I found and really needed or wanted. In my bedroom closet among many other things I found two measuring tapes, a spare Saturn key, a spare Honda key, my mom's debit card that I had sworn I left at the restaurant, 9 pens, nail clippers, 27 Band-Aids, and $4.58 in loose change.

The best part though... I found a laser pointer. Hehehee. Click below for a video. Oh the little joys in life...

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