Sunday, December 19, 2010


We headed out this morning not knowing what to expect. He said he wanted to see Santa. And he said he wanted to take a picture with him. But we all know what happened last year (see the post below).

We've been trying to prep him for a couple of weeks now. He's talked to Santa twice on the phone. And he knows that Santa is watching to make sure he's a good boy and eats all of his dinner.

But every parent knows that it's a whole different ballgame when you try and set a child on Santa's lap when he doesn't want to. Who can blame them? I would be freaked out too. It's a scary lookin' guy with white stuff all over his face that hides any smile he's trying to emit.

But it looks like our efforts paid off. Christopher was thrilled (although a little reserved) to meet and talk with Santa. By the time we were three or four kids away from the big guy, Christopher couldn't stop tap dancing. He didn't by any means run and leap onto Santa's lap but seemed to have a good time talking to him.

As always, Brian photographed the entire event. Enjoy!

Waiting by the big tree to see Santa.

Chillin' til Santa time.

Here we go...

Momma is checking for a "freak out" before retreating behind the camera. 

Hey, this guy's pretty cool.

"I would like a Thomas choo-choo train for Christmas."

"Yup, I'm eating all my dinner like you told me to."

"And I'm being a good boy."

Hugs for Santa before we go.

Of course there's a Build-a-Bear Workshop right across from Santa.
Of course kids throw fits if they don't get to go in after seeing Santa.
Of course we'll get a Rudolph reindeer doll before we go home.

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  1. He looked a little hesitant in the first pic. It was nice to see the smile and hug, though.