Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have a cat. Well, we have two actually. But me, Sarah- I have one. Her name is Lily. I don't take claim to the other cat, Rosa. Mostly because Brian is the one who decided to bring Rosa home. I decided to bring Lily home. Plus Rosa is crazy and stirs up trouble whereas Lily is sweet and loving.

Can you tell which one is which?

Lily truly is the sweetest cat on the planet. Sometimes a little too sweet. We also think she may have been kicked in the head as a kitten. I mean really, she's not all there. But that's why we took her in. She was formula fed as a kitten without a momma and she's nice to everyone and everything. I don't think she was ever taught, like most kittens are, to be afraid of dogs and horses and other animals. See Exhibits A and B:

She was a barn cat for a while at my parents farm. But she would always go out in the field and rub on the horse's legs looking for affection. My dad was so afraid that she was going to get kicked in the head that he decided to bring her inside their house. And that didn't help much because she wanted to be best friends with the 12 dogs inside and well, they didn't.

So after my sweet Meghan passed away a two years ago I decided to take in Lily. Did I mention her original name (given by my father) was Booger? Seriously. He said the black spot on her nose looked like a... well, you know. But I decided the sweetest cat in the world could not be named something so repulsive. So when she came home with us one Christmas she was named Lily.

Now Lily took a little bit of training. This cat is extremely affectionate. I mean extremely. We had serious problems keeping her off our laps during dinner. Susie (our dalmatian) loved her because it was the first animal we owned that would return her attention. Eventually we got to the point where we could do some things around the house without wearing a Lily blanket.

But recently she's reverted to her old ways. And I'm assuming it's because I'm pregnant. I wouldn't say it started from the beginning of the pregnancy but it's gradually worsened. I cannot sit down for a single, solitary second in my house without Lily jumping in my lap. She is constantly curling onto my swollen belly when I'm trying to relax on the couch. See Exhibit C:

This is most amusing when Carter is doing summersaults. You would think Lily is going to be bucked off, but she hangs on until Carter calms down and gets comfortable. Then she'll fall asleep until I'm ready to get up.

About three months ago Lily started sleeping in our bed full-time. Yes, I know. Most cats sleep with their owners. But most cats also get up periodically in the night. Lily does not. She falls asleep and stays put for an entire eight hours.

You think there's no way I could possibly know this for sure. But let me remind you that I'm eight months pregnant and I get up five times a night to pee and another six times for heartburn. She stays in the same spot near my knees all night long. I don't even think she opens her eyes for the most part.

That is until two nights ago. I woke up around 3:30 a.m. for my usual stroll to the loo. And Lily (amazingly) got up. I assumed she'd go and get bite to eat or head to her own basement latrine. But nope. After a stretch she followed me into the bathroom across the hall. Seriously? She sat on the linoleum floor, yawned, and waited. When I was done I headed back to bed. And the cat followed. She jumped onto the bed taking her back her warm spot.

I mean really. Do I need a chaperone? I guess so. Because she did it again last night. I can only imagine how freaked out she's going to be when we head to Kentucky for four days at Christmas. Or heck, when I'm actually at the hospital. It will be even more interesting to see if she keeps this up after Carter arrives. We already know she's Christopher's best friend. See Exhibits D through H:

But can she handle another one? Time will tell I guess.

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