Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We're 32 weeks along now. I guess it's time to get prepared. Only 8 more weeks - or 7 if you ignore the due date and recognize that he'll be a week early with a cesarean. Or it could be less if he makes his own decision as to when he's going to arrive. Any way you look at it, it's not a lot of time. We're just about done with the nursery. Be patient, I'll post pictures some time in the next week.

There are so many things we've learned since we had Christopher. Especially that we won't really step foot into the nursery until Carter moves from the bassinet next to our bed into his crib when he turns three months old. So I guess there's not a big hurry to finish the room but I can't see us having the time to work on it after Carter arrives. Plus with the holidays around the same time it just adds to our ever growing to-do list.

Speaking of, I've been pulling items from the basement this past week. Remember those giant bins? Yup, it seems as though just as soon as I organized them I'm pulling stuff back out.  I got the cotton diapers first. I'm actually excited to use them again. Christopher outgrew them faster then expected so we used disposables for his last 6 months before potty training. I felt sick every time I threw a diaper in the trash.

I'm also excited because I pulled out Christopher's old baby clothes. It's kind of funny because we didn't get to use any of the newborn size clothes Christopher had received. He was too big. I'm hoping we'll be able to this time around cause there are some very cute onsies.

I'm very curious as to what Carter will weigh. I think it will either be very similar to Christopher, or completely different. Either 10 lbs. or 7 lbs, nothing in between. (Don't forget to join the contest here if you haven't already.) You be the judge:

Carter                                 Christopher

Sorry, that's the best picture I have of Christopher at 32 weeks.

I'm certainly carrying Carter differently, but I still think we're right in line where we were with Christopher. But that can all change in the next month and a half. This is when the real growth spurts happen.

I've still got many bins and items to go through... bottles, pacifiers, blankets, the never-ending sanitizing supplies, the swing, bouncers, the bassinet, bathtub, play mat, and the car seat - just to name a few. Then there are the new items that we didn't need until now such as a double stroller, a second video monitor for Carter's room, a car seat cover - cause it's gonna be cold when this baby arrives, plus a few other winter-like items.

It seems like a daunting process but we're getting there. Trying to work a full-time job from home, watch a two-year-old, and make it up the stairs without stopping is hard enough most days. But I'm sure we'll get everything done before it's time to go to the hospital. Which reminds me: we'll need to get the hospital bag together soon. I should probably write that down.

Here's the Week 32 stats. I've never done this before, but there's a first time for everything right?

Total weight gain: 19 lbs. Down 1 from last week.
Sleep: Ugh. If I'm not up to go pee once an hour then I'm waking up with heartburn. Zantac is starting to be non-effective.
Best moment this week: Eating all of my dinner last night without stopping due to heartburn.
Movement: Lots. He loves to stick his little bum up in the air.
Labor Signs: None. But a few Braxton Hicks contractions. And a few is too many in my book.
What I miss: Alcohol. I get to watch Brian drink my Jack Daniels in his egg nog. I better get a new bottle when this kid pops out.
What I am looking forward to: Drinking Jack Daniels again.
Belly Rubs to Date: 13, but could have been 14 if I hadn't dodged that woman at Starbucks.
Milestones: I've given up on underwire bras. It's sports bras from here on out.
Complaints: We've discussed heartburn, but there's back spasms too. I swear I'm going to get my back fixed after I give birth (like I said I would when I had Christopher).
Something to Brag about: I get to be 8 months pregnant and wear pajama bottoms and a tank top all day.

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