Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We headed to Kentucky this year for Christmas to visit my side of the family. We had intended on leaving from St. Louis on Christmas Eve but Mother Nature had different plans. Being almost nine months along I didn't want to travel in bad weather so we opted to leave Thursday instead. It ruined our mini-van rental plans and made us drive two separate cars down, but we got there in one piece and that's all that mattered.

It started snowing on Thursday afternoon and didn't stop until Sunday night. Granted, we didn't get 20 inches like New Jersey, but we did get a good solid five inches. It was nice to have a white Christmas. I haven't seen one since we lived in Maryland; and that was when I was pretty young myself.

I was so concerned with getting to Kentucky ahead of the weather, I didn't even think about how much fun it would be when we got there and left Christopher's snow suit at home. Bummer. But we did get out a little to see the animals.

Christmas itself was a success. Santa (as always) brought the Christmas tree and decorations himself after Christopher went to bed on Christmas Eve. So even though Christopher knew what was coming, he didn't get the full effect with the tree and presents until he woke up Saturday morning.

After opening the endless Thomas the Train gifts (which he loved) and all the other goodies, we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying our family time. Here are a few (almost 20) pictures from our holiday weekend. We're already looking forward to a Christmas at home next year when Carter will be with us - not to mention almost a year old! Craziness.

In my Christmas PJs.

Chillin with PopPop on Christmas Eve.

Gaga read "A Night Before Christmas" at bed time.

Aunt Bethie helped put out Santa's milk and cookies.

Well someone had to taste test.

The big reveal, Christmas morning.

Stocking time with Dadda.

Look Aunt Bethie! It's Thomas!

Helping PopPop and Mimi open their presents.

The aftermath.

Oops, one last present.

Fury is getting restless in this snow.

Uncle Decker and Frankie ventured outside to take care of all the animals.

Watching the horses cross fields.

It was so cold even the pond started to freeze over.

Cleaning off your boots is necessary on a farm.

Family photo op.

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