Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Two weeks from today I will be resting in a hospital bed, holding little Carter and sipping on chicken broth. Kinda crazy. I've had a much better pregnancy experience this time around but that doesn't mean I'm not ready to evict this little guy. I've got a lot going on today, so I'll keep this post short. Here are the 37 week stats:

Carter @ 37 weeks                       Christopher @ 37 weeks
Um, yeah. Christopher was definitely wide whereas Carter is jumping out at ya.

Total weight gain: 28 lbs. Up six in two weeks. Damn Christmas cookies.
Sleep: Not good. Just not good.
Best moment this week: New Year's Eve, on the couch, watching a movie.
Movement: They say it's suppose to slow down since there's not much room anymore but I've been having more movement than ever. Did ya see the video below? Nuff said.
Labor Signs: One or two big contractions. Doc says no dilation but I'm about 50% effaced.
What I miss: Christopher's naps.
What I am looking forward to: The pre-baby trip to Kobe's Steakhouse. Yum.
Belly Rubs to Date: 18. And if it stays that way it will be 18 rubs when C is born on the 18th. That's gotta be good karma, right?
Milestones: I think it's safe to say we're in the safe zone.
Complaints: I want my ankles back.
Something to Brag about: Thanks to my friend Nina, Carter and Christopher will be two stylin kids. She sent over 40 pieces of clothing for both of them. Pays to be an Old Navy Manager. Love her!!!

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