Friday, January 7, 2011


I was chatting with my friend Jamie Cuttle on Facebook the other day. Jamie and her husband, Jimmy, are expecting a little girl, Allison, on February 6th. We check in with each other from time to time since our due dates are so close.

Well on Monday she asked me if we had started counting down the days with Christopher yet. I literally hit my forehead with my hand. Why hadn't I thought to do that!?? Well there's still time...

So that night I went to work on a last minute craft project. And that's exactly what it looks like - last minute. But it works and Christopher seems to be excited. Each morning he gets a new number to stick on the board and count how many days we have left until Carter's birthday.

I decided to make the last sticky card say "I'm a Big Brother!" Since this is about Christopher as much as Carter. Plus, every time we mention Carter's birthday Christopher says, "Cake too?"

I guess we'll be having cake at the hospital.


  1. this is the cutest idea ever!! i love it!!

  2. So happy for all of you! That "big" sibling role is so much fun for little ones! Hope all is well and can't wait to see Mr. Carter's pictures soon!