Saturday, January 1, 2011


There's a poem by Shel Silverstein that I've always loved. I don't know why. It's nothing special. Just a regular poem from his 400+ collection. But Brian and I chose it for Carter's nursery room theme. And the poem goes a little something like this:

I got grabbed by the elk and the caribou.
They tied me up with vine lassoo
And whisked me away to Animaloo,
Where they locked me up in the People Zoo.

Now I’m here in a cage that is small as can be
(You can’t let wild people just run around free),
And I’m fed bread and tea at a quarter to three,
And the animals all come and gander to me.

They point and they giggle and sometimes they spit
(There’s bars on my cage, so they can’t poke or hit),
And they scream, “Do a trick,” but I stubbornly sit,
Not doin’ nothin’ … but thinking’s a bit.

So if you come visit, just howl, honk, or moo
And try to pretend you’re an animal, too.
‘Cause if you’re a person, they’ll throw you into
Cage Two of the zoo here in Animaloo.

Cute huh? Well here's how we incorporated it into a nursery:

An overview:

I know you're asking yourself, "Why do they have a TV in a nursery?" But trust me, it really comes in handy during those midnight feedings.

I painted the first and last stanzas of the poem. All four seemed a bit too much.

I saw these paintings online for about a hundred bucks. I just couldn't justify spending the money (who could).  So I sent myself down to Hobby Lobby and picked up some supplies. Completed in one day.  And no shipping costs!

Then I came up with a few ideas of my own:

This is the ultra cool changing table-in-a-closet I wrote about a while ago. I'm in love. Such a space saver. And super easy to make.
1- remove door. 2 - put up shelves.
Done and done.

Isn't it international law to have a giant initial in a nursery?

I told you we'd use Christopher's monogrammed items again.

I'm very excited about this cute mobile I snagged on clearance for five bucks.

Christopher allowed his giraffe and Mommy Monkey to be used as props for the photographs. He took them back as soon as he could.

So that's it. Not much, but don't forget, this was a big transformation:

From This                                       To This

Let's just hope Carter likes it.

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