Sunday, January 2, 2011


Christopher has discovered the world of digital photography. Momma got a new camera, Christopher got her old one. And he luuuuvs it. So I thought I'd introduce a new, quick, weekly meme that we'll call Sunday Snapshots. On Sundays I will post a picture Christopher has taken sometime during the week and allow him to select the caption or title. Expect to see and exhibit at the Guggenheim soon.

I've got a bunch of shots below just to give you an idea of where this meme is headed, but I'll only post one per Sunday after this. Enjoy!! (All Photographs Copyright by Christopher, permission required for use or sale)

Friffer's Feet


(Momma's note: notice the finger and toes)

Baby Monkey



(Momma's note: I just woke up thank you very much)

My cars.

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