Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Because I Said So

Christopher, like any child, goes through different phases. He went through the "no" phase, the "screaming bloody murder at the toy store" phase, and the "throwing toys" phase. We are currently experiencing the "hiding whenever someone comes in the room" phase, the "my turn" phase, the "I don't want to" phase, and the "chase the cat!" phase.

I would like to say that I've handled all the above with a grain of salt. At least when they compare to the newest cycle of toddlerdom. And that's what I like to call the "Why?" phase.

Here's and example:

Christopher: Can I have a cookie?
Me: No, it's almost dinner time.
Christopher: Why, Momma?
Me: Like I said, I'm going to fix your dinner soon.
Christopher: Oh.  ...Why?
Me: Because we eat dinner at 5.
Christopher: Oh, okay. ...Why, Momma?
Me: Because we get hungry.
Christopher: Why?

You catch my drift. It can go on forever. "It's time to go to bed." Why? "Pick up your toys." Why? "Finish your sandwich." Why?

Honestly. The "no" phase was a piece of cake compared to "why." For the first month of this cycle I was constantly giving Christopher endless answers and repeating myself all day long. And then I remembered something my mother told me. She told me years ago and she told me again when Christopher was born. I guess all the other parental advice I've collected was stuck in my brain and it took me a while to remember it.

She said the best advice our pediatrician ever gave her was, "Because I said so." No ifs, ands or buts. Just straight up - because I said so. Holy mackerel. It works. It's ingenious.

It's the answer to every question. And it never gets a follow-up "Why?"  I don't even need to use a stern voice. I can say, "Because I said so," as if butterflies were flying out of my mouth and Christopher will do (or not do) what ever I've asked. It stops him dead in his tracks. He never knows how to respond and therefore does what I ask.

It's a miracle worker. If you don't know about this handy phrase I suggest you try it now. It will save your life. It will also keep you from being on first-name-basis with the man that works behind the counter at your local liquor store.

You're welcome. (And thanks Mom, you do know best.)

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  1. These are the same conversations that go on in my house! I'm going to have to use "because I said so" more often!