Friday, March 4, 2011

I Need My Glasses

Christopher has had a slight cold this week. I kind of expected it. I mean, we went to the Magic House. In the middle of Winter. With a thousand other kids running around. A kid coughed on Christopher the second we walked in the door. I'm surprised he doesn't have the Ebola virus. Anyway, he's had a runny nose and watery eyes for the past couple of days. I could be much worse. But that's not to say this one is not causing problems.

This last incident happened with Gaga. She's in town for the week while I catch up on some work. I went out yesterday morning and Gaga stayed at home with the two boys. Christopher and Carter created the mother of all dilemmas while I was gone. It's one of my least favorite scenarios: Christopher needs to potty while Carter is crying.

Well, Christopher only really needs help with his pants, he can take care of the rest on his own. So Gaga did what I would normally do; she put Carter down to help Christopher on the potty and then went back to Carter and allowed Christopher to take care of business on his own. After a few minutes Christopher came waltzing out to the living room in his skivvies.

"I need my glasses."

"What?," Gaga asked. Christopher repeated himself, "I need my glasses." Christopher doesn't wear glasses and Gaga could tell that his eyes were watery from his cold. Christopher rubbed his eyes and said:

"I need my glasses, I can't see my poop."

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. "I need my glasses, I can't see my poop," will now be a running joke in our household. I'm just happy it didn't happen in a public restroom. Cause we all know Christopher likes to embarrass me in that arena.

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