Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Real Story

So I may have made up the last post below about the Spring Snow. Well, sort of.  Brian and Christopher really did make a snowman, but it was only because they were forced to. The idea actually originated from my friend Mary Beth. She posted some pictures on Facebook of her husband and daughter building a snowman.

Mary Beth and her adorable daughter, Ryan.

Ryan and Mike (Ryan's father, the Master Snowman Maker)

The photo that started it all.

These pictures were so darn cute and only meant one thing to me: Brian and Christopher need to kick some serious snowman butt.

Mary Beth saw the pictures I posted of our snowman and got on Facebook to admit defeat. I then felt bad and had to tell her the real story. That Brian and Christopher weren't to blame. That her husband, Mike, had originated the idea and that I had concealed an evil plot to have the best snow decorations in the neighborhood. Since I gave her the true version of the events that transpired on Saturday, I feel that you should know the truth as well.

Here is the Facebook post from Sunday. Please forgive me for the grammar and spelling errors. Oh, and for lying to the universe.

(click the picture to enlarge)

If it makes you fell any better, this is what our snowman looks like now.

UPDATE on Snowman Wars 2011:
Mary Beth was kind enough to send me a current photo of her Spring Snowman.

I'm not sure who wins; Me, because mine is still standing, or Mary Beth, because her snowman melted faster.

I did hear that we may get more snow tonight. If so - I can't wait to wake up Brian and Christopher at 3 a.m. and shove them out the back door so I can post pictures before anyone else.

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