Sunday, April 24, 2011


This afternoon we headed over to Aunt Robin's house to celebrate Easter with family and eat some grub. As always, Christopher had a blast. Aunt Lynn made a chocolate birthday cake and everyone serenaded Christopher with "Happy Birthday." It was great to see everyone and hopefully we don't have to wait until another holiday to see them all again. Enjoy our pictures from the day below.

Here we go, from left to right: Top Row - Robin, Bill, Lynn, Susan, Greg, Gaga, Jen, Leslie, Bill; Bottom Row - Danny, Brian, Nick, Christopher, Momma, Dadda, Carter, Bob.

Carter took a 20 minute cat nap.

"Happy Birthday to yooouuuu..."

Aunt Lynn and Uncle Greg got me a very cool basket full of toys and goodies!

Is this kid getting another birthday cake?

Oooohhh, what could this be?

It was Cars! Thanks Aunt Leslie, Uncle Bob, Jen, Erin and Dylan!

Um, Brian, what are you doing to your cousin?

Oh yeah, that's better.

Debbie and Jen prepare for some egg crackin.

Last egg standing wins - Dadda was on his way to the top when he beat Uncle Nick.

Just because your taller...

Brian and Danny - Double Elimination

Watch the video to see Christopher kick some serious egg bum.

Christopher made us promise he could bring the prize winning egg home.

Prize winning you ask? Yes, there is a prize. But unfortunately, last year's reigning champion was not in attendance this year and we are waiting for the traveling trophy to arrive. Don't you worry, I'll post a picture once we get it.

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