Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oh my poor, neglected, little blog. I haven't been on here in almost two weeks. That can only mean one thing - we're freaking busy! A LOT has been going on since I was on here last. And a lot is going to be going on in the next week. Christopher's birthday is Friday. His party his Saturday. Then we'll be headed over to Aunt Robin's for Easter. But since that's all in the future, you'll have to do with me telling you about our past couple of weeks.

There were probably a good four or five posts I could have written, but things just kept coming and I had no time to write. The first thing I would have told you about was my trip with Christopher to see "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." We headed downtown to Stray Dog Theatre where I once was a set designer. In fact I haven't been back since I was pregnant with Christopher. But it was good to see a few old friends. I don't think Christopher knew what to make of it at first. People just burst down the aisles singing and dancing. After awhile he started to really enjoy the show. He especially liked the part where Charlie and the gang crashed into each other during the baseball game.

He certainly had enough energy for the show. I forced him to take a nap that day so he could stay up late for the eight o'clock show time. I was uber excited that Christopher was taking a nap for the first time in almost a year. What I forgot though was that he is a Mr. Grouchypants when he wakes up from naps. It took about two hours before he was finally in a good mood. That's when we got all fancied up and took this picture before we left:

Uncle Super Chicken also moved in a couple of weeks ago. He's been a big help around the house. Free labor is always a good thing. Christopher has loved the fact that his Uncle is here 24/7. Well, when he's not at work anyway. But it is nice that Christopher has someone to take him out to play on his new swing set during these gorgeous days. I love that I can take pictures outside again.

Carter found his hands last week. He's been chewing on them and sucking on his thumb since the day he was born. But this past week he's actually been staring at them. Here's a picture, it's not the greatest. Every time I go to take a picture of him looking at his hands, his focus changes to the camera.

We went to a surprise birthday party last weekend for our good friend Sam. PopPop was in town and went with us. With the extra person in the car we rearranged the seats so that Carter would be all the way in the third row. I sat next to him in the car for the first time. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Carter HATES his car seat. He screams bloody murder from the time his put in it until the second he's taken out. It honestly makes no sense to me. Christopher loved his car seat. We took him on a four hour drive to Kentucky when he was a month old and he had absolutely no problems.

Carter is the complete opposite. It's probably the reason we haven't visited Gaga and PopPop on the farm since he's been born. It's also the reason I was weary of taking him on the forty minute drive to Sam's party. But I guess sitting next to him and talking to him the whole time is the trick. While he didn't scream, he did give me the nastiest look for the entire forty minutes:

And then there's the other son who loves his car seat:

After Sam's party on Saturday and PopPop's return to Kentucky, our good friends, Jimmy and Jamie, came over to visit. They made the long haul from Atlanta to see their family here in St. Louis and we were lucky enough to get a visit as well. If you remember, they just had their first, Allison on February 2nd. See? Their child rode in the car for nine hours. Do you hear that Carter?

Anyway, we were all to thrilled to meet their gorgeous baby girl. Although I have to say it was a bit of a shocker. When Jimmy saw Carter as he walked in the door he yelled, "Good Lord, He's huge!"  And when I came down the stairs and saw Allison I squealed, "Oh my God, look how tiny she is!"  Now obviously babies come in all different shapes and sizes but there was a big difference here. Especially when they were born 14 days apart. Turns out Allison is about 12 lbs. now and Carter is around 16 lbs. What's even stranger is that there was only (just barely) a two pound difference between them when they were born.

Now I'm not saying Allison is too small. I'm saying Carter is a chunky-monkey! And I'll just apologize to him now for saying that. When he's 30 years old and reading my nice little blog-diary I don't want him to think I'm insulting him. He's adorable. But good grief. No wonder my back hurts. Did I mention I'm starting to have pains in my knees too? I'll say it again, good grief.

After Jimmy and Jamie left we found ourselves plopped on the couch from exhaustion. Our past two weeks (four weeks, if you include our basement flooding from the backed-up sewer line) have been a whirlwind. But there's no rest for the weary. Christopher's birthday is Friday. And his party is Saturday. Every year I tell myself that I'm just going to throw a simple party for Christopher. Make it easy on myself. WRONG. I don't do simple. Here's how extreme I've gone:

Yup, that's Brian in an Easter Bunny costume. Aren't you sorry you RSVP'd no. You didn't? You're coming? Fabulous! We can't wait to see you. The Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard is going to be so much fun (as long as it doesn't rain on our parade). And I can't wait to dive into that big bowl of jelly beans. Oooh, I almost forgot, Amy Bakes Everything made some of her famous sugar cookies for Christopher. Yum, I can't wait! For all of you out-of-towners or those of you who can't make it, stay tuned. You know me, there will be lots of pictures.

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