Sunday, April 3, 2011

"If I Had a Million Dollars..."

"...I would build a tree fort in my yard." Okay, so we don't have a million dollars like the song says, but Christopher did get a huge birthday donation from GranBob Kovac for a fort/swing set. Gaga, PopPop, Aunt Bethie, Uncle Decker, Memaw Marian, and Mimi Pat gave birthday donations as well to help us buy the swing and monkey bar accessories.

Gaga and PopPop also donated their weekend to come to St. Louis and help us assemble the big project. Gaga stayed inside to watch Carter (and Christopher when he wasn't outside with us) and PopPop, Dadda and I were outside from sun up to sun down on Saturday building. We also spent a few hours Sunday morning finishing up.

Here are our pictures from the big project. Thanks to everyone who made Christopher's birthday present possible.

A blank slate.

Just the beginning, the swing accessory.

Christopher helped too.

Starting to take shape.

Moving into place.

Sometimes PopPop questioned our decisions...

...sometimes he laughed at us...

...and sometimes he just observed.

Christopher decided to test out the set even before we were finished.

At the end of day one we were almost complete and one little boy was very happy to have a big slide.

The beginning of Day Two.

Like Father, like Daughter?

Gaga got out for a few minutes to push Christopher on the swing.

One last accessory...  The monkey bars.

It even has a picnic table to eat lunch!

Somebody was nice enough to clean up for us.

A finished project. (The Front View)

The Back View

Another hard worker. (Thanks Gaga for watching the boys.)

BIG thank you once again to everyone that helped, in one form or another, for Christopher's birthday present:
PopPop and Gaga
Aunt Bethie
Uncle Decker
Memaw Marian
Mimi Pat and Granpa Deck

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