Friday, May 6, 2011


Carter developed a rash during his cold. We didn't think much of it at first. But the pesky problem didn't seem to go away. It would disappear from his neck in the morning and then reappear on his arms in the afternoon. I wasn't too concerned until four days later and I saw this:

And that would be the moment I decided to call the doc. It's not just on his head but everywhere.  We were asked to come in. He was weighed, checked over and then the doctor started asking questions. How's he eating? How's he sleeping? Has he had a fever? Runny nose? Difficulty breathing?

Then he asked the stupidest question on the face of the planet:

Does the rash bother him?

Seriously? Why yes doctor, just yesterday he was was telling me how much it itches when I put his onsie on. SERIOUSLY? HE'S FOUR MONTHS OLD. How the hell am I suppose to know if it's bothering him?

So we left. With no more answers than what we went in with. It's eczema. Really bad eczema. Hydrocortisone cream. Lots of lotion. Dove bath soap. We've been through it before with Christopher. We know the drill.

The only difference between Christopher's outbreak and Carter's is that Christopher never had it on his head. And unfortunately it probably itches and when Carter sleeps on his back it wakes him up every time he moves. Brian slept with Carter on the couch last night. It seemed to help the sores on his head and kept them from reopening. I've been carrying him around most of the day. Hopefully he'll find some relief soon and will be back to sleeping in his crib.

Christopher had severe eczema until he was around two-years-old (which is when it usually stops from what I hear). I just don't want Carter to deal with it that long. But since it's appearing so early chances are he probably will.

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