Monday, May 2, 2011


Christopher's birthday and our Easter weekend was a complete blast. And then it went 180 degrees. Unfortunately a bug was passed around at the party and numerous kids ended up getting sick in the days following.  Christopher was no exception.

We knew it had hit our house when Christopher woke up Monday morning in a horrible mood. I like to say that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed - in Alaska. I tried to give him some Tylenol Melt-Aways hoping that it would knock out the bug before it became worse. That's when Christopher vomited on my carpet.

That afternoon he was running around the house like nothing happened and we were beginning to doubt that he was sick. Then the following morning he was back to his grouchy self but x100.  He also had a fever of 101. I decided to switch tactics and use PediaCare hoping to get rid of the fever if nothing else.

This time I was prepared with a trash can. He threw up his breakfast. The rest of the day was spent with Christopher latched onto either Brian or I. When he wasn't a spider monkey he was sleeping in our bed. He slept at least six hours during the day. I really felt horrible for him. I decided to eat dinner in bed and keep him company.

After two days of misery Christopher emerged the next morning feeling semi-better and was able to function as a normal human being. At that was about the same time Carter spiked a low-grade fever.

It's been a week since the start of it all and now Christopher and Carter have the mother of all colds. I have no idea how they got them - they haven't been out of the house since this plague wedged itself into our lives. The only thing I can figure is that it is another side-effect of the stomach bug. Who knows.

Christopher almost seems more miserable with the cold than the flu. Here's a shot of him eating dinner. I honestly thought spaghetti, his favorite, would cheer him up. He had about three bites and was ready to lay back down.

Carter isn't sleeping well, hardly at all actually. But he is content sucking on his thumb for most of the day.  Boy I wish he would take a pacifier.

I'll be back in a few days after we're all mended. Please pray for my sanity. I guess the only upside to this event is that our carpet was beyond cleaning and Brian finally agreed that we needed a new rug. If only he had said yes before Christopher's party when I mentioned it then. Oh well, you can view it now:

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  1. Yeah it sure sucks when sickness hit all members of the family. Hope all of you will get well soon.