Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm lucky if I get to brush my teeth everyday.

I'm lucky if I get to type an email longer than three lines.
I'm lucky if I blow dry my hair this week.
I'm lucky if I've bought a new blouse this month.
I'm lucky if I get the bathroom to myself today.

I rarely see my girlfriends.
I rarely eat my entire breakfast.
I rarely sleep-in anymore.
I rarely get through a day without changing my shirt.
I rarely find time to get to the gym.

I haven't taken a bubble bath in over a year.
I haven't had a manicure in I don't know how long.
I haven't been on Etsy in forever.
I haven't taken a vacation in, well, I don't know when.
I haven't been able to find my old body for 3 years.

I've traded in my business suits for pajama pants and holey t-shirts.
I've traded in my stilettos for Crocs.
I've traded in my jewelry for binky chains.
I've traded my girls-night-outs for Chutes and Ladders.
I've traded my Saturn Ion for a Mini-van (gasp!).


I get to play hide-and-seek.
I get to build blanket tents in my living room.
I get two "hugs and kisses" every time I leave the house.
I get to pretend the backyard is the moon and the swing set is a spaceship.
I get cuddles.
I get cute baby feet to kiss all day long.
I get to hear laughter and giggles whenever I want.
I get to kick pebbles.
I get to kiss boo-boos and watch them heal in a matter of seconds.
I get to watch a human being grow right before my very eyes.
I have no problem with those first twenty lines. Because I wouldn't give up the last ten lines for anything in the world. I've traded UP.

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