Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Father's Day was a couple of days ago. We didn't have too much planned as we had just returned from our trip to Kentucky last weekend. There were a few things on the agenda though...

1. Let Dadda sleep-in (a little).
2. Have Blueberry French Toast Casserole for breakfast.
3. Put the pool up.
4. Relax.
5. Have Star Wars pancakes for dinner.

Four out of the five happened. We didn't relax as much as planned, but I think it was still a pretty good Father's Day all-in-all. Dadda slept in until eight. But Christopher, Carter and I woke him up with presents and breakfast. We made him a new coffee thermos, as we've done every year. This time, Carter was able to participate. Christopher also colored a picture for him and made a hand print poem.


After breakfast we finished a task that we had started on Saturday. Installing the pool. It's just a simple, Intex, above-ground pool - but a pool non-the-less.We put the frame and liner up on Saturday but after filling it with water for an hour we found out that the ground was a little too sloped. So we took an hour to drain it and then move the pool to the back of the yard where the ground was more level - not perfect, but better.

Christopher had fun splashing Dadda (after momma said it was okay) and they played in a foot of water for a few hours. Christopher also got a few bug bites...

I was hoping to get in a little swim, but the pool wasn't filling as fast as we thought it would. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. Around 8 p.m. we turned the water off and the pool was just barely full. There's about another six inches to fill, but that will have to happen another day.

For dinner we made Dadda's favorite: pancakes. And what's better than pancakes? How about Star Wars Pancakes? Yum! The Storm Trooper gave me a little trouble, but I got the hang of it eventually. I may have even gone through an entire can of non-stick cooking spray.

We didn't really get to relax. I had work to do, and Brian watched the boys. But when do we ever get to relax? It's always busy in the Daniels' home. Next weekend is a Mommy's Day off Brunch and then the following weekend we're having a Fourth of July barbecue. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures so stay tuned.

I hope Brian thought Father's Day was as good as I thought it was. I know the boys enjoyed spending the day with him, even if it was in our own backyard. I look forward to the many more Father's Days to come. Maybe some filled with 18 holes of golf or even a fishing trip. Until then...

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