Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're Getting There

Christopher is finally starting to warm up to his little brother. I must say I was a little scared there for a while. I didn't think he was going to bond with him at all.

It seemed as though Christopher just thought that Carter was someone who took up all of Mommy's time and was here to take his old toys from him. While that's mostly true, we are trying our best to make sure Christopher is just as important.

The backlash from giving Carter most of our time is that Christopher is acting out more than ever. Sure, it might be because he's three, but I also think it's because he wants a lot of attention too - whether is good attention or bad attention - he doesn't care.

So we've started a new program with Christopher. It's more or less a chore chart, but really it's a behavior chart. There's a list of different things he needs to do throughout the day (i.e. Share My Toys, Eat All My Dinner, Go Potty By Myself, No Time-Outs) and if he does them, then he gets a star in that box. He has to get at least five stars on five days during the week. If he does, he gets a treat. We started with cake the first two weeks. (I lucked out the first week cause we went to a birthday party.) But this past week he got to pick out a "baby cake" from the grocery store:

This week we've decided that he'll get to stay up late and watch a movie on Saturday and eat some popcorn.

The idea seems to work. He knows what happens if he doesn't get a star. And he doesn't want that. I know it seems to be a lot of bribing, but at this time, I'm not sure I care.

And when I say the charts "seems" to work, well that's because of what happened when I asked him to share his toys with Carter the other day. "Sure," he said, "Just don't let him puke on it."

It's a work in progress.

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