Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Photos

We had our annual every-three-years family photo shoot yesterday. We managed fairly well. We were only five minutes late and Carter fell asleep during the 35 minute car ride only after we pulled in the parking lot.

Carter is obsessed with cameras so it was a little difficult keeping him in place during the shoot. Christopher did amazingly well with no tantrums. That's probably because we promised McDonald's french fries if he was a good boy with the photographer. Worked. Like. A. Charm. (I'm not above bribing.)

We were also smart enough to take two cars so Brian could take the boys home while I stayed behind and waited for the pictures. But enough babbling. Here they are... Oh yeah, there's a couple of photos I'm not showing anyone. They're going to be used in this year's Christmas card. And I know how much you look forward to that...

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