Thursday, November 3, 2011


Let's talk about Carter! Our little man is growing up so fast. At the moment he is playing with the curtains. Am I ignoring him? Not so much. He's very in to entertaining himself these days. There's only so much he'll take of sitting on the floor and playing with toys. He likes to venture off and find new things on his own. Yup. He's crawling. Finally.

It seemed as though he would never crawl. Although I don't know why I ever thought that because he started crawling earlier than Christopher did. Carter went through an entire month of Army-crawling first. We weren't sure when he'd get that tummy off the floor. It was obvious he knew how to crawl. He'd gotten up on all fours and taken a few steps several times. But he seemed to prefer "sliding" every where. Perhaps the hardwood floors were easier to glide on than crawl.

But he's into everything now that he's moving. While I type this, he's been back and forth between the living room and dining room at least six times enjoying his independence. He's found everything he's not suppose to have. And hates when you tell him no or take something away from him.

Looking back, Christopher seemed like an easy child compared to Carter. Christopher never (and I mean never) got into my wine station. He never put anything in his mouth and was perfectly content playing with a few toys on the living room floor. I now know Christopher was not normal. (Sorry son.) But we're now experiencing what it's like to have a nine-month-old. Carter has the memory of a goldfish and is looking for something new to do every thirty seconds.

Goldfish Mind.

Carter's first ride in a shopping cart. Notice John Lennon in the background.
He's also pulling up now which has added a whole new level of nervousness for Brian and I. Carter's getting a little more steady while while holding onto furniture these days, but at first it would give us heart palpitations every time he pulled up. That also means we can't put things out of reach on the couch or chairs anymore. They now go to higher places such as the dining room table or kitchen counter tops.

His new fascination is the television. We never needed to anchor the TV when Christopher was young - he never had any interest in it. Not Carter. He's pulling up on the television stand and slamming his hand on the thousand dollar babysitter at least seven times a day. I know I have a TV anchor in the basement somewhere that we bought when Christopher was an infant. I just have to find it.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it in previous posts or not, but Carter is finally sleeping through the night again. He had started to on his own when he was four months old but one trip out of state fixed that. We went through a couple of months of trying to ferberize Carter. Again, Christopher was easy - it took two nights to ferberize him. Not Carter. He would scream bloody murder for an hour then sleep for a half hour then start screaming all over again.

Somehow it eventually worked and we're back to getting some sleep at night. We've now moved onto another problem - naps. Carter can't make up his mind on whether or not he wants to take one or two naps a day. Let's just say it's driving Momma crazy. I actually preferred when Christopher turned one switched to single naps. Instead of two-one hour naps, he went to one-three hour nap. It was quite nice. Carter is starting to transition but instead of taking one nap in the middle of the day, he likes to take one nap in the morning. Leaving the rest of the afternoon for no rest and lots of crabbiness. I've tried pushing the one nap to later in the day, but he won't have it. If he's not down by 9:45 a.m., he's a complete wreck. We'll get it figured out soon enough.

Who doesn't like to use food as hair gel?
Everything seems to take forever to happen in the baby years, when actually it only takes a week or two. I'm not sure why parents (myself included) are so impatient during their child's first year. We can't wait for certain milestones. But then before we know it, they're all grown up and wearing glasses.

Hmmm... On that note, I think I'll get off the computer and see if my baby wants to play with me now.

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