Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This Halloween will go down in Daniels' Family History. This was the Halloween that Christopher decided we weren't allowed to dress him up in a silly costume and take hundreds of pictures. It was the Halloween in which HE would decide what costume to wear. This was not an easy Halloween.

Once upon a time were able to pick a Halloween theme and put Christopher next to a pumpkin and take some snapshots. Not any more. Our little toddler has grown up and now knows what Halloween is all about:


For the rest of us - Brian, Gaga, myself, and Carter (sort-of) - we had our own ideas as well. First off, the Cardinals vs. Rangers World Series Game 7 was playing on Friday night. If we had known this would be the case we probably wouldn't have ordered Momma's birthday crabs. But we did, and we had to find a way to do both. Christopher, who is terrified and allergic to crabs (he obviously can't be my child) actually decided to help sprinkle on the spices... and that's about all he did.

Did you notice the shirts? Go Cards!

After the festivities on Friday we carved pumpkins with Gaga on Sunday and made cupcakes for Dadda's work buddies - but obviously kept a few for ourselves.

Monday was Halloween and it was a doosy. If Halloween was something that occurred once a month or heaven forbid, once a week - Christopher would not have gone Monday night. He was an absolute terror on Monday and Carter himself wasn't a pleasure to be around.

But alas, it's Halloween and you can't take that away from a child, especially when they are so young. We had originally thought Christopher could dress up as a fireman and Carter would be a dalmatian. Cute, right? Nope. Christopher fought tooth and nail against the fireman idea. He hated it. I thought it would be perfect because it's all he talks about. He loves playing with his fire trucks and nearly jumps out of his car seat when we pass a fire truck or ambulance on the street.

But there was no getting over this temper tantrum. He hated the idea and there wasn't anything we could do to change it. See how he's a "little" grumpy in these pictures?

So Brian and I decided it was time to let him pick out his own costume. Not that we wasted $20 or anything. Oh well. Lesson learned.

So we were off to Target were he could choose his own costume. And this is what he chose:

Optimus Prime from Transformers. We got home and I told Brian, "I don't think he can say 'Transformers' let alone knows what one is." But he was so happy it was hard to get the darn thing off of him once he put it on.

We rigged up the mask with his Cardinals hat (only fitting since they won the World Series) and off we went, Trick-or-Treating. We hit up another neighborhood because no one in our's turns their lights on. We went over to Windom Avenue in Overland and found a major block party going on. Why not teach the child about party crashing while they're young?

The one and only house where he went to the door by himself.

So we gallivanted through the neighborhood raking in as much candy and yummies as we could. We should have brought two buckets because those houses really shell out. We stopped by Dan's Emerald Forest (we saw him back at Christmas if you remember). He had his trains running but with skeletons instead of Santa Claus decorations.

We had a good time and it was hard to head home at the end of the night. Dadda was kind enough to open the door and offer one last piece of candy.

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  1. Optimus!! That kid has GREAT taste. (And I'm a little shocked you didn't work one more Cardinals are champs plug in there.)