Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If you haven't heard of Elf on a Shelf, well then, you're missing out. You should do some research on it. But in short, it's a wonderful device to get your children to do what you want. It's one of Santa's elves sent to watch over your house and make sure all the boys and girls stay on the Nice List and can receive their presents at Christmas.

In the words of Mickey Mouse - Hot Diggity Dog! This thing works! Well, 99% of the time anyway. All we have to do is remind Christopher that the elf is watching and viola! he does what you ask. I am currently making my case to leave the darn thing up all year. Let's see what it's done for us lately...

Christopher, give Carter a bath. Check.

Christopher, go trim the trees in the front yard.

Christopher, go walk the dogs.
Check. Sort of.

Christopher, go mow the lawn.

Now let's see how it works on Carter...

Um... too late.


I guess we'll be waiting a few more years before Carter understands the process.

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