Sunday, January 22, 2012

Carter's 1st Birthday Party

With 40 guests in a tiny home, we were a little cramped. But we still had a lot of fun! In two hours, we unwrapped presents, sang a happy song, ate some cake and went on our merry way. We enjoyed the company of family and friends. I don't think Carter had any idea what was going on. But a first birthday is more about the parents, right? I mean, we're simply celebrating the fact that we actually cared for a human being for an entire year. That's tough stuff.

The Mickey Cake!


Opening presents with his big brother.


A few guests...

Sammy is so silly!

Kellen and the preggos.

The balloons were a big hit.

A few more guests.

Eunice and Norah.

Carter wasn't too happy that he had to wait until we were done singing.

MMMM. That's better.

Whatever, Momma. I'm busy.

Posin' with Dadda.

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