Monday, April 9, 2012

Gnomey and Christopher's Adventure

If you recall, Christopher won the 2011 Easter Egg Crackin' Contest. It's a fun family tradition where you try to break your opponent's egg by hitting it with your own, similar, hard-boiled egg. In the process, you can't break your own egg. We use a bracket system and last man (or egg) standing, is crowned champion for the year.

See example here:

But you don't just get the honor of being called the Egg Cracking King/Queen for 365 days. You also get to take home this "cute" gnome named, what else, Gnomey.

Gnomey also comes with a scrapbook. It is your duty during your reign as champion, of all things considered Easter, to fill the scrapbook with pictures of Gnomey's adventures with you throughout the year.

Christopher decided to step things up this year. He felt that sitting around our house or garden in St. Louis just wasn't enough for the traveling gnome. Christopher and Gnomey decided to embark on a real adventure.

"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million."
- Walt Streightiff
Giza, Egypt
Wowzers. These things are amazing. Gnomey and I tried to pick up one of the blocks. Not so easy. I'm pretty sure Gnomey threw out his back.
Paris, France
The Eiffel Tower was humongous. Gnomey is almost positive that giants built it.
Arizona, USA
I wanted to see if Gnomey's screams would echo through the Grand Canyon, but the little booger held on tight.
Rome, Italy
Gnomey and I reenacted some of the gladiators and animals fighting inside the Colosseum. Made two Euros.
Sydney, Australia
I said, "Put another shrimp on the barbie!" Then Gnomey got mad and replied, "Who you calling, 'Shrimp'!"
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
We climbed up the big hill to see the Christo Redentor statue. Next time we are just going to hang-glide around it.
Clare, Ireland
Top o' the morning to ya laddie! Gnomey was happy to be back in his country of origin.
Niokolo-Kobo National Park, Africa
Eeeek! I held on to Gnomey tight. He said the lion looked at him like he was on the menu!
Lop Lur, Mongolia
Sure seems like an awful lot of work. I would have used Legos instead.
Wiltshire, United Kingdom
A sundial. Hmph. Still not really sure what that is. We'll have to come back again someday.
Agra, India
It seems a little redundant to store art in a piece of art, don't you think?
Seattle, Washington USA
Gnomey tried to tell me that the Space Needle was an alien spaceship. He's such a liar. Isn't he... Isn't he?!
The Grammy's Red Carpet
Boy, Taylor sure is tall! I think she even winked at me!
The Oscars Red Carpet
Gnomey didn't like it here. He kept muttering, "The gold guy always gets the girl." I don't get it.
Oprah's Farewell
Be very quiet, Gnomey. I think Stevie Wonder is on to us. I told you before we came not to wear the cologne.
The World Series
Gnomey was used as a tee-ball stand during batting practice. David said he was sorry for the crack in the mushroom. He was just practicing for the big game. I guess you could say we were the reason David hit so well that night.
Buckingham Palace - London, England
Gnomey started to chant, "Kiss! Kiss!" And would you believe it? They did!!
Pretty exciting travels, huh? Christopher and Gnomey were very excited for the Easter dinner this past weekend. They couldn't wait to show everyone the things they had done and the places they went. Not to mention the people they met.

So we handed Gnomey back over to the contest judges... Only to get it handed back when... guess who won the Egg Crackin Contest 2012?


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