Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Birthday Fairy

We started a new tradition in our house this year. I totally meant to start last year, but you know how those things go...

So, this year, I decided to call upon the Birthday Fairy. Yup, you heard me. She's close friends with the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. The Birthday Fairy is also a long lost cousin of the Tooth Fairy. She went into business of giving boys and girls surprises on the morning of their birthday.

The suprise goes a little something like this:

Fill just enough balloons to make yourself pass-out. We discovered that would be 73 balloons in total.
Obviously, fill these balloons after the birthday boy has fallen asleep.
Watch a little TV while you're filling the balloons. It seems to keep you concious for a little longer.

Pack the balloons into a fitted sheet (you may need to make two or three trips).
Quietly, without disturbing the youngest child who wakes at the drop of a pin, tip-toe upstairs and quietly open the birthday child's bedroom door.
In complete darkness, start tossing the balloons onto the bedroom floor.

When the child wakes up in the morning, they will have found their bedroom filled with balloons from the Birthday Fairy!!!

Last and final step (that we figured out the hard way): Be sure to remove the balloons the following night. Explain to the birthday child that the Birthday Fairy must take them to another child's house for their birthday the following day.

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