Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Carter's First Haircut

Carter's first haircut! Woohoo! This special even took place on March 7, 2012. Poor kid. He had to suffer at the hands of his momma. There were several reasons we didn't go to a children's hair salon like we did with Christopher. The first being the cost. Who the heck pays $25 for a child's haircut? I certainly couldn't see the justification for it. And the second biggest reason was because they're all at least a half hour to 45 minute drive from our house.

I think I did alright though. It was a little choppy here and there but it did it's purpose. He went from shaggy to dapper.

Love it! Carter looked like a brand-new kid when I was finished. He also did sat really well during the 30 minutes it took me to complete the transformation. But that probably had something to do with the cookie I gave him.

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