Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Christopher's 4th Birthday (Part 2)

For Christopher's 4th birthday party we decided to let someone else do all the work. Momma seemed to have her hands full and as much as she loves planning a good party, she decided to sit this one out. To the zoo it is! We planned a whole Sunday at the zoo with all of Christopher's best friends. We had a scavenger hunt, went 'behind-the-scenes' to the education building, and even got to pet some small animals. After cake for breakfast, we traveled around the zoo to see the animals and catch a ride on the carousel.
It was a fabulous, fun day with friends and family.

At the start of the scavenger hunt.

Gathering before the party begins.

Headed 'behind-the-scenes'.

On our way to the education center.

Look Momma, a polar bear! Grrrr!

Coloring with Hunter and Elle.

Norah and Ryan are going to be great vets some day.

Oooooh, a screech owl.

A real live dragon!

"Happy Birthday to You!"

The cupcakes were ginormous.

Chowin down breakfast.

Made by the zoo kitchen.

No zoo trip would be complete without a train ride.

On the choo-choo!

Well hello there Mr. Hippo.

What the heck is that Dadda?!

At the elephant enclosure.

Wait for me guys!

Finally. An animal my size.

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