Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot! HOT! Hot! 4th of July 2012

This Fourth of July we opted to head down to PopPop and Gaga's farm. Auntie Bethie and her family as well as Uncle Decker had the same idea as well. It was a fun visit with lots o' kids but I sure do wish Gaga and PopPop's pool was a little bigger.  I'm telling you - the 110, 112 degree days made it pretty unbearable and our best bet was to stay inside. As always, we had a good time goofing around.


White Plains, KY's idea of fun.

Not to sure about this one, Momma.

View at dinner.

It took a little while to get home.

The only acceptable way to travel in Kentucky other than a four-wheeler.

Sneaking a picture of PopPop's 'BIG' catch.

I think Momma wins.

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