Saturday, July 7, 2012


Our air conditioner went kaput.
Last night.
9 p.m.
July 7th.
Hottest day of the year.

Momma is not a fan of the summer months. And when the air conditioner isn't working, it tends to make her grumpy. As it turns out - Carter isn't a fan of the heat either.

We did end up getting it fixed within 24 hours, but with the 105 degree temperature outside (and only going down to 93 at night), it took almost three whole days to get back into the 70's.

When your air conditioner goes out for any period of time, it's a stark reminder at what a luxury it is to have one. Momma had to go to the "Scary Wal-Mart" at midnight on Friday to buy some box fans. The poor boys were already asleep and we didn't want to risk waking them just to bring them downstairs. We would have if the AC didn't get fixed the next day. So, we opened their bedroom doors and placed fans in the hallway to try and keep them cool during the night.

Saturday morning wasn't awful. But it wasn't fun either. It was a pleasant 91 degrees in our house at 7 a.m. and by 10 a.m. (when the repair man showed up) it was 95 (100 outside). By this time C1 and Dadda had gone of to T-ball. This left me alone in the house with the little dude. Pardon me, what I should have said was, the GRUMPY little dude.

Carter was not keen on the box fans. But Momma wasn't keen on not having the box fans. So we settled for walking around in our underwear all morning. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning actually. But ironically, it is a bad way to spend $500.

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