Thursday, July 19, 2012


Last year around this time we learned a valuable lesson. Christopher needed swimming lessons. After that very, VERY scary day, I decided that as soon as summer 2012 came around, we would enroll him.

Well, we did our best. Christopher joined a two week "Swim Safety Class" in St. Charles. While I don't think it taught him the life-saving skills I wanted him to learn, it still got him more acclimated with the water.

And it helped. By the time we got our own pool put up for the season in the backyard, Christopher was eager to get in. The previous summer he wanted nothing to do with it and the pool felt like a big waste of money. This year was different. Christoper was asking to go in the pool every day and constantly showed us "new tricks" like putting his whole head under the water.

Who knows, maybe one day we'll have a Micheal Phelps on our hands.

Making Splashes

Learning to Paddle

Who says you can't have fun in school?

Checkin out the ladies...

Time to jump in!

Carter got to have a little fun too.

Back at home, doing our thing.

Showing a new trick.

Unfortunately the swim lessons didn't cover bee stings.

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