Monday, September 10, 2012


I honestly can't believe we've gone this long. Four and a half years. That's crazy! I should be happy about this. I shouldn't complain. Everyone else we know deals with this all the time! Four and a half years without either child getting an ear infection. That has got to be unheard of. You know what else is unheard of? A child sleeping when they have an ear infection. Not. Fun. At. All.

Poor Carter (aka Little Dude Part Deux, C2, Grunter, ect.) came home from the sitter's on Friday with a fever. 101.7. Ugh. We really didn't even need to take his temperature to know that he was sick. You could tell when he didn't want to eat his McDonalds that he was seriously ill. He licked the ketchup off a couple of fries and was finished. No bueno.

Most of the weekend consisted of no napping and lots of Motrin. I assumed he was teething because he does have one more eye tooth that needs to pop through. But after two days of: fever, no fever, fever, no fever - we knew something had to be up. Dadda took him to the doc's this morning after a temp of 102.5.

And it was there that our suspicions were confirmed. Ear infection. It's interesting that we've never had to experience this before. Most kids get them at least once before they turn one. Christopher's never had any, and this was Carter's first. But hopefully last. I seriously do not want to experience this weekend over again, ever again.

So it's antibiotics for a few days and hopefully Little Dude will be back to his cranky, demanding self. Yay!

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