Sunday, December 23, 2012

The 2012 Holiday Greeting Card

Cute, eh?

(click to enlarge)
So, I'm gonna tell you a secret. And only you - because, well, if you're nice enough to come back and visit this page every so often - then I will be nice enough to tell you the truth.

That picture up there? The one photoshopped of C1 being so nice to C2? Yeah, it didn't really go down like that. I had about 20 seconds to snap as many pictures as I could before a complete meltdown ensued. Neither of the boys wanted their picture taken. They just wanted to be left alone to play by themselves in the backyard. The picture above is actually Christopher yelling at Carter. And Carter is balling his eyes out but he has his face down so you can't tell.

Lovely-holiday image I just painted for you, isn't it? Oh, the lengths I'll go to for a "cute" Christmas card.

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