Saturday, January 19, 2013



Well of course, it was everything Toy Story. The kid is obsessed. I'm sure I've mention this before. He wants to watch the movies so much that I had to put the DVDs on his wishlist because they've been worn and scratched after so many uses.
The party was great. Aunt Bethie, Uncle Sean, and Trevor came in from Ohio. And Carter's cousins: Lynn, Leslie, Bob, and Robin were able to make it too! We had a blast!
We were pretty sure this 3' Buzz would make Carter faint.

I went a little overboard on decorations...

YUM. Pizza.

It never fails. Aunt Robin always buys the kids the loudest toy in the store.

The birthday boy.

I have no words for this.

Trevor found an old favorite of Christopher's to play with.
Probably his favorite gift. He wore it nonstop.

I did say nonstop.

One last photo op.

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