Friday, March 8, 2013


Carter needs stitches a half inch from his eye.

We still have no idea how it happened. Brian was in the kitchen making dinner and I was in the office working.  Then there was screaming. The storyteller, "C1," states that Carter just slipped and hit his head on the hardwood floor. Possible. But to the parent detectives he looks like it was cut on something.

Nontheless, we all headed to the ER. One parent to drive one injured child. The other parent to hold a towel to the laceration. The other child didn't want to stay home by himself.

We spent 4 hours at the DePaul Health Center. Not our hospital of choice, but it was the closest. We were checked-in fairly quickly. But we sat in our room for two hours before anyone even glanced at his injury. Brian and I then had the pleasure of holding a cotton ball soaked in Benzocaine to numb the area. We got to do that for 45 minutes. Awesome.

After yelling for the surgeon to come in and take care of this problem, Brian and Christopher were escorted out of the room to a waiting area. The nurse wrapped Carter as tight as possible in a cocoon or burrito device. He couldn't move an inch. I was allowed to talk to him while they worked away. I know by the screams and tears that it was excruciating. Nothing I said would calm him down.

Between the wailing and all the blood (who knew!) I started to tear up myself. But I stopped - knowing that it wouldn't help Carter to see his momma crying too. That's when I said the magic words - ICE CREAM. "Do you want go get some ice cream when we're done?" And that was it. The screaming magically stopped. We talked about all kinds of ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip, and the best kind of ice cream: McDonalds.

Before you knew it, they were done. The nurses unwrapped him and he shot up like a rocket off the bed and into my arms.

And then we went for ice cream.

Seven days later, we were at the pediatrician's to get the stitches removed. Nope. Nada. Not gonna happen. Off to the children's plastic surgeon. They wanted to knock him out. I begged and begged not to have that happen. I didn't want my child to be scared or in anymore pain but I just couldn't handle another surgical fee. Who knew 5 stitches could cost so much.

$150 ER copay
$103 Surgeon fee
$40 Pediatrician copay (which did nothing)
$40 Children's Plastic Surgeon copay

That's $66 per stitch!! But the plastic surgeon knew what she was doing. The stitches were out in two minutes. She was "disappointed" the ER didn't use dissolvable stitches so close to the eye. Or even at all. Next time she said to get the dissolvable stitches and call for a children's plastic surgeon to do the job. Next time! Ha! Yeah, can't wait.

And did I mention? This came seven days after our trip to the Animal ER for Susie. That one was $350.

Brian and I decided no one is allowed to get hurt ever again.

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