Monday, April 15, 2013


I got the call that every parent gets at one point or another. Of course, when I was young, my mother got that call at least two dozen times.

Hello, Christopher's mom? Yeah.... your kid has pink eye. Come pick him up from school right freaking now.

Okay, they were much more pleasant than that, but you catch my drift. I show up at school and sure enough, Christopher looks to have the classic, ooey, goopey, gross, pink eye. We came home, snapped the pictures below and headed to the pediatrician's office.

Poor Christopher, he couldn't even where his glasses because his eye was so watery. The doc looks at him for 3.25 seconds and rules: Classic Pink Eye? Not guilty. For one reason or another he believes it is a corneal abrasion. Go figure. So he sends us packing with a prescription for eye drops and a note to return to school.

The eye drops were just awesome for the boy who hates to get his face wet. We found a good trick to have him close his eyes when we put the drops in the corner of his eyes. Then he had to open them "real fast" to count how many fingers we were holding up. The game seemed to do the trick. So much so that Carter wanted to play too. We left the cap on the drops but he didn't know the difference:

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