Friday, June 28, 2013


Carter and Momma both got a week off so we decided to head down to Kentucky and check-in. Christopher only been with Gaga and PopPop for a couple of weeks but we missed him so much!

Star loves a good bath.

PopPop's tractor.

Wye Oak Farm

A foster kitten. Christopher was in love.

Cooling off.

Future farmer.

Carter's first ribs. Yum!

Nothing beats cooling off like swinging on a porch in the afternoon.

Checkin out the horses in the a.m.


This is about as close as C2 would get to Radar.

So... Woody decided to pet his nose instead.

Carter's best friend, Wicket.

Christopher's best friend, Betty.

Another new experience.

PopPops boots.

PopPop and his boys.

Whew! It was a long trip!

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