Saturday, June 1, 2013


One of Momma's volunteer efforts this year at Ritenour ECC was the Big Flag Ceremony at the Cardinals game. A select group of kids and their parents were able to hold the giant American flag during the National Anthem. Christopher just happened to be one of those kids selected. ;)

We had a great time at the pre-ceremony. The kids had the opportunity to sing at the Riverview Corner Stage and even got another visit from Fredbird!

The game was cut short... actually, it never started in the first place. A big storm was brewing to the west and they cancelled the game before it even began. We were in the cars on our way home when the storm hit us. Let me just say that I have never driven through anything like it before. Our house wasn't damaged but we knew several friends whose homes had been hit by a tornado in the area.

On Saturday, Brian took Christopher back to Busch Stadium to watch the game that was cancelled the night before.

Fredbird! It's you again!
My belly is so full.
Little Dude holding a big flag.
Momma was a little freaked out about the 10 foot drop.
It wasn't big, it was huge!
A great photo op.

Gaga and Mimi showed off some team spirit too!

Hey, our friend, Alan, just happened to be there too!

Traveling with Mimi has it's perks. We got a cart ride all the way down.
If we had only left five minutes earlier.
Dadda and Friffer  on day two.
Don't forget to hydrate!
A great way to spend the weekend.

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