Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Well, if you received our holiday card or have been on Facebook in the last two weeks, you've already heard our wonderful news: Christopher and Carter will be big brothers in July 2014!
C3 (BTW we have yet to decide if his or her name will actually begin with the letter C) took everyone by surprise. Well, except for Momma and Dadda. But we held on to the secret as long as we could. It was our original intention to surprise Gaga and PopPop on Christmas morning. We had a great scheme planned. But as time drew near to send out our homemade holiday cards, I was in a pickle. I had no idea what to do for our card.
This had never happened to me before. Well, once. But I don't like to admit it. I usually have our holiday card planned out in my head months in advance. But here it was, a week into December and I was dumbfounded. I kept one of our family pictures off Facebook thinking I would use it on the card but I really didn't like the only idea I had come up with. I even spent two evenings browsing online card vendors (GASP! I know!). That's when I couldn't take it any more. I decided we just had to tell everyone our great news via the USPS.
I browsed a little on Pinterest but really didn't see any pregnancy announcements I liked. When I refined my search to Christmas pregnancy announcements, I found two... and they were horrible. I decided to broaden my search and looked at maternity photo shoots. Be warned - searching keywords "maternity photos" on Pinterest can turn up unwanted results. But amidst all the crazies, I saw one picture that peeked my interest. It was a single photo of a pregnant mom and two kids. The two children were each holding "Ho" signs and the mom was holding an "Oh" over her belly. Cute right?
From there, my brain went into a whirlwind and I came up with a mental picture of our holiday card. I saw black and white photos with a pop of red. I saw readers expecting our typical cute, lovable boys and then KA-POW!, something they didn't expect. And I must say, it came out exactly as I imagined it...

The best part was knowing they were in the mail, on their way, and talking to coworkers and friends without screaming, "OH MY GOD! WAIT UNTIL YOU GET YOUR CARD!"
We sent cards to immediate family first. I watched my phone all day waiting for "Mom" to show up as the caller. It did, and that was the first of many calls. Over the next week Brian and I received phone call after phone call, text after text. Pretty soon our Facebook pages were getting hit and we couldn't keep it from everyone any longer. I posted the card pictures online and that was that. Everyone was finally able to know the one thing we had been keeping a secret since before Halloween.
Whew! I'm happy that I can finally post updates about our new guy/gal. I'm sure there will be much more to tell between now and the next 18 years!!

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