Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The big question was finally answered last night. It's a GIRL! Who knew?! Apparently, everybody but me. I was convinced this little lady was actually a little mister. We took the boys with us last night to the five month ultrasound. They did amazingly well and it felt more like the family moment I wanted rather than the crazy chaos I feared.

Christopher and Carter gave their guesses to Gale, the ultrasound tech. C1 said he wanted a boy but knew it was a girl. Carter on the other hand was positive it would be a boy. And when the picture of their new sibling showed up on the screen in front of them, they were taken by surprise. Christopher's jaw hit the floor and Carter didn't move an inch.

After assuring Carter on several occasions that it was indeed not a monster in my tummy, Gale answered our question and told Christopher he was right. It was a girl. A multitude of pictures were printed from then on and we were told everything looked good at this time. We scheduled a repeat cesarean for July 1st and headed home... to cupcakes!



Here's lookin at you, kid.

Scratchin my noggin.

The Thinker

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