Saturday, April 19, 2014


Our first born is turning six this week. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this. Six. SIX.

Christopher has turned into such a beautiful boy. He is our practical thinker. Our no-nonsense challenger. He remembers everything and will correct you if you're wrong. He tends to independence but loves a good cuddle.

Somehow in the past year Christopher has gone from a fragile baby to strong willed, determined, thoughtful, young man. His brain seems to be a sponge now soaking up everything he sees and hears. He loves to tell stories with his vivid memory and will only use his hands in a chopping manner to stress a point.

Christopher is one of a kind. He is so special and we are so lucky to call him ours.

Christopher wanted a "Star Wars Lego" birthday party. Consider it done, dude. 

I had a fun time coming up with the food and beverage ideas. Obi Wan Kababies may be my favorite.

Best party favor EVER. Dollar Store pool noodles, cut in half, with duct and electrical tape. 24 lightsabers for $14.

A party at our house wouldn't be complete without a pinata.

A chocolate cake just like Christopher asked. I used candy blocks for the Legos and free-handed the logo. 

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