Friday, February 28, 2014


We are starting to get ready for Miss Charlie. Now that we know we are going to have a little girl, it's time to transform the boys' playroom into something magical.

This isn't the first time this room has been reinvented. When Brian and I first moved into this house it was my sewing and craft room. But soon after we moved in and I had claimed the space as my own, we discovered we were pregnant with Christopher. The office was then placed in this small fourth bedroom.

About a year later, I started working from home and decided I needed a bigger space to work. So we switched the office and the spare bedroom. And then... soon after I started working from home we decided to get pregnant again. So... we made a nursery in the spare bedroom, moved the spare bedroom into the office (which was the original spare bedroom), and moved the office to the sunroom.

Two years after Carter was born, he moved into Christopher's room. I guess we were so exhausted from moving things around that we just decided to turn Carter's nursery into a playroom. And here we are today. Once again moving things out to make room for new.

It's the smallest room in our house but definitely the most used. Soon, the blue walls will be painted over with a fresh color and it will be a place for Charlie to call home.

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