Thursday, July 17, 2014


Charlie went to her first ladies lunch today. In fact, it was her first real outing since she came home from the hospital.

We packed a ginormous diaper bag and headed out to Magpie's in St. Charles. It had been way too long since Momma had her potato soup and quiche fix. But the best part of lunch was the company we shared. We were able to get together with Aunt Robin and Aunt Lynn, who both live nearby.
C3 actually did really well during lunch and slept almost the entire time. The drive to and from the restaurant was another story. I don't know when she'll get over this crying-while-in-the-carseat bit, but I hope it's soon.

But we didn't let the drive spoil our wonderful afternoon. Hopefully we'll get back out soon but as for today, our little two-hour excursion wore us out!

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