Saturday, July 12, 2014


I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Saturday night is movie night in our house. Sometimes the boys watch a movie alone in Momma and Dadda's bedroom and other times we all watch a movie together in the living room.

On typical movie nights we make Popcorn Surprise. What is this deliciously sounding concoction, you ask? It's so simple a Carter can make it:

1) Add a generous amount of popcorn to a bowl.
2) Add whatever else you can find in the pantry.

That pretty much sums it up. Typically, Popcorn Surprise is popcorn and Froot Loops cereal. There something about the saltiness of the popcorn that reacts so perfectly with the sugariness of the cereal. It was a delicacy I created in college during a theatre show. It was best served using Kettle Corn then, but I've since graduated to Movie-Theatre Style.

Since the good ol' college days, the recipe has evolved. Froot Loops are definitely still in play. That is the "Surprise" in Popcorn Surprise after all. But the boys have started adding their own favorites to the mix:
M&Ms - duh, super-smart choice on C1's part
Fruit Snacks - gotta add a healthy ingredient every now and then
Cheez-Itz - cause everything is better with cheese

With Christopher being gone for the summer, Carter has taken to watching all movies from the comfort of the couch with Mom and Dad flanking him. And since we were already changing things up on The Little Dude, we thought: Why not make popcorn from scratch? We are such microwave people, it's so sad.

So while Carter sat on the counter, Momma dug out The Old Popcorn Machine that Gaga used to make popcorn with for her kids. He was a little scared in the beginning. And why wouldn't he be? That thing is so dang loud I'm sure the neighbors thought we were weed whacking inside the house. But once that popcorn started to fly out of The Old Popcorn Machine, the party was on.

Squeals and giggles filled the kitchen. We poured the butter and sprinkled the salt. After all the Surprise was added, we plopped down on the couch and enjoyed the best damn popcorn you've ever had. Mmmm Hmmm!

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