Friday, February 21, 2014


When you say the name "Charlie" a lot of things come to mind:

Charlie Daniels Band
Charlie on the MTA
Charlie's Angels
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Good Luck Charlie
Charlie Chaplin

But I can assure you, none-of-the-above was taken into account when we chose C3's name. So here's the low-down for inquiring minds:

We like it. No, we adore it.

Simple as that. We knew we wanted another name starting with C. It wasn't set in stone, but we had 95% certainty we wanted another C name. To be honest, if she had been a he, we may have picked a name that didn't start with C but only because this time we wanted to pick a name that we liked simply because we liked it.

Christopher and Carter were so easy to decide. And yes, it was pure coincidence that they have the same initials. We knew our first son would be named Christopher after Brian's best friend, Chris Brothers. With Carter, I wanted to use my grandmother's maiden name and it worked out that Brian liked the name as well.

With C3 we decided to have some fun. But I think once "Charlie" was thrown in the hat it was all over. We fell in love. Yes, it's terribly ironic that we wanted a girl after two boys and we ended up giving her a "boy's name." But for some reason I don't see it as a boy's name. I think since it is a softer sounding C compared to Christopher and Carter, it feels more feminine to me.

I see Charlie as the girly-girl that is tough enough to stand up and be strong. I see her as a sweet young woman that will take on the world. She's everyone's best friend and an leader. She's a tough bitch and a sweet soul, all in one.

As for her middle name: well, she'll have two. Ann Christine. Ann is Brian's mom's middle name and Christine is my mom's middle name. Truth be told, when Brian and I first got married we had decided our first daughter would be named Ann Christine. But as with most things, feelings change. I still loved the name but I think we both wanted the fun of picking something new.

And only to make things more difficult for the child, we decided to give her my last name. Yes, it was something decided on long ago. Whether it was when we were first married or two years ago, I don't remember. But I do know that Brian and I had decided at some point that if we ever had any boys they would take his last name. If we ever had any girls, they would take mine.

So there it is, the story of Charlie's name. I hope she loves it as much as we do. If she doesn't, well, shit.

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