It's a wonderful morning where a few of us fellow mother's get together after detaching our children and leaving them at home with our husbands or a babysitter. We get to sit back, tell funny stories while sipping on Mimosa's and eating Blueberry French Toast Casserole.

I've been asked a couple of times why I only invite mothers. That there are other women, that aren't a mother, that need a little break themselves. I totally understand that. But my usual response is, it's different. When you become a mother, you join this kind of sisterhood. One that you don't know anything about until you're in it. As much as a woman thinks she knows what it's like to be a mom, she really doesn't until she is.

Sure, everybody knows about the saggy boobs and the midnight feedings. But there are secrets that have been kept in the motherhood club for centuries. Sometimes the only person who can understand you is another mom. And sometimes we need to be able to talk to one another knowing that we aren't being judged, that people don't think we're complaining or being ungrateful because in truth, they feel the exact same way.

The best part is we usually leave these brunches feeling a little better about ourselves as mothers. But then again, that could be the champagne and orange juice talking.

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